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We support our customers’ marketing strategies with a variety of packaging systems and applications, delivering comfort to patients.

Colep Healthcare Division provides dedicated manufacturing (filling and packing) capabilities, for pharmaceuticals, medical devices and high-end applications. We are a developer and manufacturer of innovative dispensing systems for our customers across the globe, and aim to become the co-development partner of all of our customers, providing brand line extensions.

We support our customers’ marketing strategies with a variety of packaging systems and concepts, delivering comfort to patients. Our European Healthcare manufacturing facility is located in Laupheim, Germany… 


We support our customers in the development of topical dispensing systems, either by adapting their existing formulations into new formats or by creating new systems.




We have the equipment and technology at our Healthcare facility in Laupheim to manufacture pharmaceutical and medical device applications to meet our customers’ needs, including blending and filling into various primary packs and assembling into secondary packaging solutions.


Our Development Approach

Using our expertise in product formulation and packaging development, we are able to supply our customers with high-performance product applications.

Packaging TechnologiesFluid FormsProduct Applications
We offer various packaging technologies...…together with a wide range of fluid forms…...creating enhanced product applications
AerosolCreamsAnti-inflammatory Cream/Gel
Airless PumpsGelsArtificial Saliva
Mini sizesMoussesGTN Heart Sprays
SpraysLocal Anaesthetics
Moisturiser for Psoriasis
Mouth Spray
Nasal Spray
Pain Relief Aerosol
Pain Relief Gels
Spray Bandage
Topical Antiseptic

Our Value Proposition

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