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Post-Foaming Shower Gel

We have three post-foaming shower gel products available, differentiated by fragrance and colour. The pack format is great for the bathroom – no spill, 360° use, easy to dispense. Formulated to effectively cleanse the skin, leaving your skin feeling cared for. A small amount of gel transforms into a rich, luxurious foam which is excellent to spread on the skin.

  • Caramel fragrance - sweet smell (caramel colour). Indulgent and pampering

  • Refreshing orange fragrance (orange colour). A citrus treat!

  • Clean & Pure fragrance (green colour). Fresh and invigorating            

Product Type:Post-foaming shower gel
Main claim:Texture transformation, cleansing
Key attributes:No Spill, 360° use
Excellent spreadability
Hermetically sealed
Full evacuation of product
Burst of fragrance!

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