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Intimate Cleansing Mousse

This intimate cleansing mousse is ideal for soothing and refreshing the female intimate area. It is pH balanced (pH 4.5) and formulated with lactic acid. It is a gentle, luxuriously smooth mousse and is not  a cold application and will not run as easily as liquids. This is  a wash-off product, designed for use in the shower, bath or at the sink, as part of your daily cleansing routine. For every-day use or for when a little extra care is needed.

Product typeIntimate Cleansing Mousse
Main claimpH balanced (pH 4.5) and formulated with lactic acid
Key attributesGentle application
Non cold application
Smooth mousse
Everyday use
Packaging formatStandard aerosol, Aluminium
Packaging size150ml

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