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Product Development

We develop brand new formulations, tailored to consumer needs and can adapt current formulations to new consumer expectations or regulatory requirements.

The Product Development team consists of chemists, chemical engineers and packaging specialists. The Product Development laboratories are based in Germany, Portugal and Poland and these in turn, form part of a greater Product Development Network with direct connections to our laboratories in Brazil and Mexico. All of the laboratories are located in a Colep manufacturing plant facilitating the scale-up and industrialisation of products.

In terms of our Technology Exchange Agreement with the One Asia Network, innovation teams are already exchanging products and are quickly identifying new opportunities for the development of new products and technologies. In addition, a joint development has been agreed on a specific project aimed at increasing our offer of sustainable products on behalf of our customers.

We closely interact with Product Marketing, Sales, our factories and most importantly, the customer, to identify product needs and translate briefs into finished products. We develop various product applications to meet market trends and customer needs. We work across aerosol and liquid technologies in emulsions, gels, & liquids and adapt formulations, to different dispensing or packaging systems. As well as developing standard aerosols  many of our products are bag-on-valve products like post-foaming gels or 360° sprays. Additionally we offer development of non-aerosol packaging, including bottle/tottles, jars, tubes, pump foamers and airless dispensers.

We help to adapt your current formulations to new consumer expectations or regulatory requirements, and also help you innovate and develop brand new formulations, tailored to your consumers’ needs.

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