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The world is changing. By 2050 there will be an additional 2 billion people on the planet. This means even more demand on resources that are already stretched such as water, food and fuel. Leading businesses are realising that they need to adapt and innovate to meet society’s needs, whilst staying within the environmental limits.

Many of the products and services we use in the world today need a lot of resources and energy to produce, which can create a lot of waste. As pressure on raw materials increases and focus on pollution such as carbon emissions intensifies, businesses that do not innovate will see their business models threatened.

Colep’s products already help to reduce waste by providing efficient application methods and extending the life of products. Many products are already recycled and recyclable and so reduce the need for virgin materials. However, there is more to be done to ensure that Colep is manufacturing products in the most efficient way, using minimal resources and creating maximum value for customers and consumers. By reducing its environmental impact across the business and working with customers to innovate products, it can take the first vital steps to becoming a more sustainable business.

In addition, Colep has to be sure that it has the highest standards of health and safety in its factories and in its products, its staff are fulfilled, treated fairly and that its suppliers meet the high standards Colep sets for itself. It also means that Colep upholds human rights and complies with the law. This Corporate Social Responsibility equally extends throughout its supply chain and Colep indeed recognises this.

Vitor Neves

Do you have a question regarding our Love Tomorrow programme? Contact our Sustainability team below:

Dr. Jens-Peter Wulf

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